Best Free Personal Finance Apps

Over recent years, many people have been put off by Wall Street’s casino mentality and the havoc that has wrought on the global financial markets. Many regular folks have even seen these practices effect their day to lives. But despite the mercurial nature of markets, they actually have little to do with proper personal money management.

These days, people need little more than a smartphone in order to properly keep track of their income and accounts. That’s because modern mobile apps provide all the functionality a person needs to stay on top of their finances. That’s right, no more cumbersome desktop finance software — just easily downloadable apps. And the best part is that many of these options are free.

This app is the mobile offering from, one of the more popular personal account managers out there. The app covers everything, from PayPal and bank accounts to loans and retirement funds. All data is updated in real time so the user has an up-to-the-minute representation of their finances. Mint also allows the user to set up budgets and manage expenses. All transactions are categorized and the app even provides push notifications in the event the user is about to exceed their budget.

Adaptu Wallet

This is another popular finance manager, but it is ideal for those users newer to the process of budgeting and account management. The good thing about this options is that it functions more as a virtual wallet then simple data sheet. That means users can store everything from receipts and business cards and track loyalty programs and project spending trends. One of the better things about Adaptu Wallet is that it doesn’t have advertisements.


Those who want to be able to make transactions with their finance app would do well to download this option. Pageonce offers bill pay at 30 cents a transaction and all purchases are itemized and stored. People are fond of the user-friendly interface, as it consolidates everything in once accessible area. That means all account info is readily available right from the home screen. The biggest drawback to the app is that it isn’t supported by PayPal.


Doxo is one of the newer kids on the block, and like Pageonce it offers a smooth interface. The app basically functions as a digital filing cabinet, allowing users to store everything from bank statements to restaurant receipts. It’s also a great storage area for utility bills and credit card statements.


Those who like to dabble in the market may find this app useful. It eliminates the need to scour the Internet in search of relevant stock stats by providing a wealth of information on stocks as well as companies. As a market research tool, Wikinvest is second to none.

These are just a few apps that those who are behind on their finances may want to consider. Not only can each one of these options help a person to tread economic water, but when used in conjunction with one another the smartphone can become a formidable money-management force.

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